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Terminator IQ Series

The Puronics Terminator IQ Series water conditioner is the intelligent solution to supplying high quality water in a cost efficient manner. Whether you’re on vacation or have a house full of guests, the Terminator effectively monitors your water usage, so it knows how much you’ve used and exactly when it needs to regenerate.




Once again, Puronics has advanced the technology of water treatment with the development of the new Clarius™ whole-house system. Through the implementation of Green technology, Clarius provides high-quality water in a cost-effective manner - without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. You will enjoy the benefits, save money and know you are doing your part to protect the environment.




The FILTRAMAX™ is the ultimate solution for high quality water. It comes with the HYgene Bacteriostatic Filter Media which is technology used aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters. FILTRAMAX also comes with silver impregnated activated carbon which inhibits growth of bacteria within the filter media bed while refining your water. Puronics FILTRAMAX is backed by over 60 years of world-class innovation and expertise in household, commercial and industrial water treatment.




The Puronics Defender water conditioner is the budget-minded solution to supply high quality water in an energy efficient manner. With the affordable Defender system, your family can enjoy the benefits of carbon filtered conditioned water without any worry of sinking under the cost.


MV Series

MV Series

With the MV system, you will not only enjoy all the benefits and cost savings of high quality conditioned water but you'll save even more. This system meters your water usage to reduce electricity and salt consumption as well as sewage taxes. In Fact, the MV provides salt savings of up to 40% over conventional systems and uses approximately 10 cents of electricity per month.


micromax 6500


The MICROMAX™ 6500 is a proven combination of five of the industry’s most effective water treatment technologies packaged in an exclusive Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge Design. You can easily change these sealed cartridges in seconds without tools and with no mess. The filter sealed inside each cartridge never comes in contact with human hands.


micromax 6000


The MICROMAX™ 6000 is a proven combination of four of the industry's most effective water treatment technologies packaged in our exclusive Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge Design. You can easily change these sealed cartridges in seconds without tools and with no mess. The filter sealed inside each cartridge never comes in contact with human hands.


HT unit

HT Series

Puronics presents the answer to problem dish washing. Here is a well designed, finely crafted and polished unit made of Type 316 stainless steel that will endure rigorous service in 180°F temperature dishwashers. At 29" high overall it is low enough to fit easily under dishwasher tables.



Reverse Osmosis - RO-10,000

Reverse osmosis technology is used to remove dissolved impurities from water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. In reverse osmosis, the idea is to use the membrane to act like an extremely fine filter to create drinkable water from salty (or otherwise contaminated) water. The salty water is put on one side of the membrane and pressure is applied to stop, and then reverse, the osmotic process. Pressure is used as the driving force for the separation. The applied pressure must be in excess of the osmotic pressure of the dissolved contaminants to allow flow across the membrane.


HF series

HF Series

Minerals in water cost businesses millions of dollars in maintenance and premature replacement of appliances and equipment that use water, plumbing and laundered materials as well as increasing the need for costly cleaning supplies. With Puronics HF-16 conditioned water, you can reap the benefits of softer water and save money.




The Puronics Hydronex whole-house water conditioner provides superior quality water. This cost-effective hi-tech system utilizes a computerized control valve to monitor your water usage and maintain optimal effectiveness of the filter media ensuring you always have the highest quality water.



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